Services: Software Upgrades

A new version of ORION is typically released every 12 to 18 months. Each version includes new features, often from enhancement requests, that increase the capabilities and performance of the ORION system. In order to support these new features, the development team generally has to modify the structure of the ORION database by adding new tables or modifying the definition of existing tables. A database utility is provided with each new release to update the database structure as required, but the utility does not guarantee that your existing interfaces, reports, and customized components (such as UserCalcs) will work properly with the new version. Also, to take advantage of a version's enhancements, schedulers need to be trained on the new features and you may need to make changes to your ORION model.

Refining Advantage can provide turnkey services to fully upgrade your system to the latest version, including the following:

  • Update the database structure
  • Modify all reports and interfaces as necessary
  • Review your system to insure that the new version works properly, and modify the system as necessary to take advantage of new features
  • Provide user training on new features