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About Us

Refining Advantage was formed in 2005 to provide personalized service to licensees of Aspen ORION (now known as Aspen Petroleum Scheduler or APS) and Aspen MBO. We have worked with APS licensees to improve their use of the APS system and move towards achieving the full benefits of comprehensive refinery scheduling. 

The company was expanded in 2011 to widen its services to include Linear Programming (LP) and all Product Blend modeling and support for all Refinery Operations Planning work functions.

Since 2017 we have been working with Industrial Algorithms to bring the power of their IMPL (Industrial Modeling & Programming Language) and Refining Advantage Refinery Scheduling expertise together to produce state-of-the-art auto-scheduling and optimization solutions that make refinery operations scheduling activities more productive and bottom-line focused.

Refining Advantage staff are experienced refinery and consulting engineers that focus on maximizing profitability.

We utilize practical experiences from working refinery positions in major international oil companies to advise clients on Supply Chain tools and work processes. Services are provided on a Life Cycle basis to implement, develop, upgrade and maintain client Planning, Scheduling and Blending programs. Guidance to clients is based upon industry best practices, proficiency and regulation compliance.

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