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Model Dev & Auto-Sched

Auto-Scheduling & Optimization

Model Development & Maintenance

Refining Advantage's modeling experience is extensive in software implementation, model development, maintenance, upgrading, validation, and training and we are well versed in the major systems:


  • Aspen Tech PIMS, APS and MBO

  • Haverly GRTMPS, H/CAMS, H/Sched, and H/Comet

  • Honeywell RPMS

  • Chevron PETRO

Models are developed for:

  • Full refineries` or process units

  • Full petrochemical plant or process units

  • Renewable Fuels plants


While using multiple sources of data:

  • Crude assay data

  • Plant data

  • Test-runs

  • Simulation Models

  • RA Model Archive

Model maintenance includes Backcasting, Auditing, and Unit Model Validation.

An Auto-Scheduling & Optimization solution can be developed and integrated with your current Refinery Scheduling tools to automate routine scheduling tasks, find better, more profitable Scheduling Logistics solutions that are feasible, meet all operating constraints and produce maximum profitability.

Optimization of scheduling and blending is accomplished with various solution methods utilizing software for MIP, LP and other optimization techniques 

Solutions have been developed for crude oil  system (receipt, inventory, feed blending, product constraint management), gasoline blend scheduling (inventory, recipe, shipment) and lube oil and bitumen system scheduling (inventory, feed blocks, blending, shipment)

Pro Planning & Plant Eco

Production Planning

Plant Economics

Refining Advantage has been involved in the production planning cycle from the daily level to annual budgeting and can provide methodologies that enhance overall planning responsiveness and effectiveness to improve your bottom-line:

  • 10 day LP/Scheduling plan for tactical execution

  • Monthly LP plan for unit optimization and spot opportunities

  • 60 day LP/scheduling plan for crude optimization, supply balancing, and spot opportunities

  • 90 day LP plan for maintenance integration, inventory management, and supply balancing

  • Annual budgeting

  • Crude and feedstock evaluation, selection, and optimization

  • Trading interface

  • Process unit optimization within the context of the overall operating plan

  • Integration of economic and logistical objectives

  • Production decision swing point analysis -- constraint management

  • Reliability contingency planning matrix for faster economic response to equipment failures

  • Simplified economic indicators

  • Plan key performance indicators

  • Lost profit opportunity monetization

  • Product giveaway monetization and reporting

Strategic Planning & Asset Optimization

Benchmarking & Gap Analysis

Strategic Plan & Bench Analysis

Refining remains an extremely competitive industry,  and to survive and excel every asset needs to achieve and sustain peak performance.  While the initial priority belongs with existing assets, selective strategic investment can provide a competitive edge.

  • An effective strategic plan starts with a pragmatic assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, generates an end goal, and assembles a prioritized and staged investment portfolio to maximize return

  • Our Refining Advantage team will work with you to develop and maintain a strategic plan as a living document

Regardless of the current investment climate, Refining Advantage believes it is prudent to develop and continually update an ultimate strategic asset configuration. In addition, a prioritized portfolio of potential capital investments designed to achieve this configuration is an invaluable tool when the timing proves advantageous for capital deployment.

In order to provide an objective and prioritized roadmap ensuring continual improvement in Planning, Refining Advantage recommends investing in a Planning Benchmarking study. Our team will work with the client to:

  • Assess the current state of crucial planning work processes and tools

  • Compare and contrast those to industry best and emerging practices

  • Delineate gap closure plans and prioritize based on economic impact

  • Provide guidance, vision, and skills to take your planners and schedulers to the next level, thereby unleashing your strongest asset.

Annual or biannual benchmarking can prove to be a valuable exercise to focus organizational efforts toward its end goals and institutionalize planning best practices.

Modeling Practices:

  • LP model complexity and usability

  • LP model accuracy -- unit constraints, blending constraints, optimization strategy

  • LP model robustness and extrapolation capability

  • LP model process unit representations

  • LP sub-model performance tracking, updating methodology and frequency

  • Assay maintenance and quality

  • LP and scheduling model consistency

Scheduling Practices:

  • Integration of logistics and planning

  • Lifting schedule performance vs. plan

  • Blend schedule performance vs. plan

  • Inventory management

  • Demand prediction

  • Scheduling horizon and event detail

Blending Practices:

  • Blend algorithm performance

  • Blend on spec first time performance

  • Shipment giveaway

  • Blending model updating methodology and frequency


  • Crude and feedstock selection and optimization

  • Unit optimization strategies

  • Product revenue optimization and spot opportunities

  • Price forecasting 

  • Planning horizon and consistency between periods

  • Reliability and price contingency matrices

  • Lost profit opportunities


  • Economic awareness

  • Margin ownership

  • Commonality of purpose and teamwork


  • Clarity of planning goals and execution effectiveness

  • Translation of LP results into Operations guidance

  • Identification and communication of constraint costs

Capital/Strategic Planning

  • Strategic plan thoroughness and quality

  • Systematic LP economic evaluation of capital options

  • Ultimate capacity/debottleneck evaluations


RaReports is an Excel-addin developed to create reports from Aspen Tech APS daily results. RaReports can access published data from the APS database as well as memory resident data through automation calls to APS. 

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